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General lesson in the Avodah of everyone (specifically a Bar Mitzvah) from the first verses in the Parsha 4 1248
Explanation of the debate if Adam HaRishon gave names to the fishes 4 1249
Explanation of the Tikkunei Zohar (469 99b) tat Adam said "I have acquired a man" (even though the verse clearly states that Chavah said this) 4 1250

Chof-Dalet Tevet


Explanation of the saying of the Tzemach Tzedek on the verse: "Abraham was one" that the One (G-d) illuminated all his aspects. and the lesson in Avodah 4 1249
Explanation of the two ways regarding the Mitzvot for children and the innovation ion the Mitzvah of circumcision 4 1249


Lesson in the way to educate in our times from the deed of Avraham Avinu who took harsh measures in order to save Yitzchak from bad influences 4 1250
Explanation of Chazal (Bereshit Rabbah end of 53): "If one throws a stick in the aire it will land on its root" 4 1250


The third month of the winter 4 1251

Yud-Tet Kislev

Explanation of the wording of the Rebbe Rashab concerning Rosh Hashanah of Chassidus and the innovation of spreading the wellsprings of the 4 1253
Baal Shem Tov through Chassidus Chabad 4 1254


The candles of Chanukah represent refinement of darkness 4 1258
The Hidur of Hidur (beautification) in the Chanukah lamps - revelation of Razin d'Razin (the essential will) of Yud-Tes Kislev 4 1258

Zot Chanukah

The connection of Zot Chanukah TO Chabad Chassidus 4 1259


The difference between the wording of Rashi (Gen. 46:28): "From there came the Horaah (Torah)" to the wording of the Midrash 4 1259
Boundary of Mishkan Shilo (If it was similar to the Tabernacle or the Temple) 4 1259


Debate in the subject "Jacob did not die" 4 1261
The main Avodah of the Alter Rebbe in the three pillars (Torah, prayer and deeds of kindness) and especially in Gemillat Chasadim 4 1262
The saying before his histalkus denigrating a pessimistic person "morah shechorah" 4 1265
the receiving of the "Sefer Chassidim" (on Chof-Dalet Tevet 5723) 4 1275
Creation 4 1265

Beit Nisan

According to the opinion that the world was created in Nisan - Beit Nisan is the first Shabbat that darkness did not serve. And this is connected to Beit Nisan, the day of the coronation of the Rebbe Rayatz to Nasi 4 1293


Explanation of the Midrash "Since Yaakov and his sons were chosen, He established for them a month of Geulah: 4 1263


Explanation of the tenth chapter in Basi L'Gani 4 1268
The expression: "Just as his descendants are alive so too he is alive" 4 1269
Strengthening connection in conjunction with the Hillulah of the Rebbe Rayatz 4 1270


Write this in a book as a remembrance and place it in the ears of Joshua. "Make for yourself a Rav and acquire for yourself a friend" 4 1270


The arrival of Yitro - a preparation for Matan Torah. In each person's Avodah 4 1271


The connection between "Shekalim" to "Kelaim" 4 1274
Levels of happiness and the happiness of Purim 4 1274
The whole month one increases in happiness 4 1274


The advantage of a giving heart over Tzedakah 4 1275


The connection of the beginning of Talmud to Parshat Tetzavah 4 1277


Through laxness in the beautification of a Mitzvah, it is possible to stumble in "Amalek" 4 1278


intoxicated until one can not discern - similar to immersing in the waters of knowledge 4 1278
The connection of Purim to Yom Kippurim 4 1279
The responsibility of women in educating the family 4 1280
Intoxicated until one can not discern” in manner that effects cursed be Haman" and "blessed be Mordchai" 4 1281
The awe of the Jews fell upon them according to the Explanation of the Rama 4 1282
The obligation and honor to merit others with the fulfillment of Mitzvat Purim 4 1283
The connection of "Misloach Manot" (food gifts) to Purim and the connection of "Purim" to the general Avodah of man and the intent of 4 1284
The Megillah may be read on the eleventh etc in Avodat HaAdam 4 1285
The general lesson from the days of Purim 4 1286


Connection of the Siyum of the Mishnayot to Parshat Vayakhel-pekudei 4 1292


Explanation of the debate between R' Eliezer and R' Yehudah if we will be redeemed in Tishrei or Nisan 4 1293


And he shall slaughter - and he will draw in Avodah 4 1295
The difference between the laws of animals, fowl and fish in spirituality and in Avodah 4 1296
Explanation of the aspect of Melikah (slaughtering from the back of the neck) of fowl in Avodat HaAdam 4 1297


Its aspect is faith and trust 4 1298
The darkening of Geulah due to the hardships of subjugation 4 1299
Opening the door on "leil Shimurim" ( the first night of Pesach) also Supernally 4 1300

Acharon Shel Pesach

The connection of the Seudat Moshiach to Acharon Shel Pesach 4 1299
Explanation of the custom to drink Four Cups on Acharon Shel Pesach 4 1300
Bechukosai 1305 4 1301
Explanation why Parshat Bechukosai is the completion of Sefer Vayikra (Leviticus) 4 1302


The importance of writing Sifrei Torah for Jewish children throughout the world even behind the Iron Curtain 23 239


Concerning the partial fast that announced by Agudas Harabbonim in light of the situation in the world on Erev R"C Sivan 23 240

Yom 5 Bamidbar, ER"C Sivan 5740

The advantage of a public "partial fast" Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan. Specifically according to the words of the Alter Rebbe in Iggeret HaTeshuvah ch. 3 23 246
Actual lesson - strengthening Ahavat Yisroel 23 247
Our children are our guarantors. The actual lesson - gathering children for the holiday of Shavuot, specifically at the Kotel HaMaaravi, Kever Rachel and Maarat HaMachpela 23 248
Bringing all children to hear the reading of the Ten Commandments on Chag HaShavuot 23 249
Encouragement to Jewish children behind the Iron Curtain 23 250

S"P Bamidbar, Beit Sivan 5740

Bringing all children to hear the reading of the Ten Commandments on Chag HaShavuot 23 257

S"P Bamidbar, MVCH and ER"C Sivan 5746

Avodah of “the time of the giving of our Torah” () in each year and the preparation to it from Shabbat Mevarchim Sivan; The main Avodah – with Jewish children,”Tzivot HaShem”, who are the guarantors for receiving the Torah 28 234


The dearness of the aspect of “Family” in counting Bnei Yisroel and the connection to Jewish Women and daughters (N’Shei u’Banot Yisroel) 8 210
Preparation to Matan Torah of women and daughters of Yisroel 8 211
The miracle that in all the six hundred thousand that were in the desert no one had a defect 8 212
The scrupulousness of Jewish daughters in Modesty (Tzniut) even in Egypt 8 213
Conversion according to Halacha in Eretz Yisroel 8 214
Lesson from counting the Bnei Yisroel – the greatness of each one of Yisroel 8 215
Source of Ramban (Num. 1:45) concerning the Pidyon-Nefesh of the Nasi’im and the debate in this 13 423
Likkutei Torah concerning connection of the song of the cows that carried the Ark to King David 13 423
Lesson from counting Bnei Yisroel in desert 18 424
Tzivos Hashem advantage of the individual - specifically concerning Jewish women through their connection to Moshe Rabbeinu 18 425
The lesson from the above in conjunction with Education according to Taharas HaKodesh (Torah-true Jewish education) 18 426
Talk to the Shluchim of the yeshiva in Miami 18 427
Lesson from the travelling of Bnei Yisroel in the desert and the erecting of the Mishkan, specifically in the desert 28 297
Explanation of Likkutei Torah end of our Parsha (15:4) regarding the four senses (and not five) 33 215

Rosh Chodesh Sivan

General letter - Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5749; All aspects of the days of preparation to Matan Torah are remembered and celebrated (“nizkarim vena’asim”) each year and with renewed force. 33 216
In the preparation to Matan Torah there was Achdut of Yisroel, and the women preceded. The connection with “Hakhel” 33 216
“On this day – that words of Torah must be new etc.” – the advantage of the educational institute Oholei Torah and the connection to “Hakhel” 33 216
Graduation in proximity to Yud-Beis Sivan – all aspects of Matan Torah, before and after, are “remembered and celebrated” each year, including the aspect of Achdut Yisroel on Rosh Chodesh Sivan. The connection to the students of the Yeshiva 33 216
The lesson in the aspect of Ahavat and Achdut Yisroel from this day 33 216
Sicha of 28th Iyar 5738 to the Convention of N’shei u’Banot Chabad 38 136
Innovation of the third day where “it was good” was repeated, good for Heaven and good for creations. The preparation for Matan Torah must be in the aspect of unity and the resolution of “We shall do and we will hear” the prefacing of the women to the men in the preparation to Matan Torah 38 137

Rosh Chodesh Sivan

Lesson from the statement of the Sages that the Ten Commandments were said in one speech, Even physical aspects of Bnei Yisroel ( and the conclusion of the Ten Commandments ) must be connected with “I am the L-rd your G-d” 38 143

Pesach Sheni

The difference between Pesach (Rishon) and Pesach Sheni 4 1301

Days of Sefirah

The aspect of "uSefartem" (you shall count) from the word "Even Sapir" (A translucent stone). The shining and light of Mesirat Nefesh (self-sacrifice) over Tzedaka and the story of R' Gavriel Nosei Chein 4 1300


Debate if the Lechem HaPanim and its baking supersedes Shabbat 4 1304

Lag B'Omer

The aspect of spreading the wellsprings of Chassidus outward and nullifying the separation between the Supernal and lower worlds - a preparation for Geulah 4 1303
A special day to learn Pnimiyut HaTorah ( the inner aspects of Torah) 4 1304


The third month and the receiving of the Torah 4 1306

Yemei Hagbalah

The aspect of the “Yemei Hagbalah” (the “three days of limitation", the name given to the three days immediately preceding the festival of Shavuot) as a preparation to Matan Torah is – that the purpose of the intent is not “Kelos Hanefesh” (expiry of the soul out of spiritual rapture) but rather the Avodah of souls in bodies. This aspect is in the Avodah of the preparation to Matan Torah each and every year. Especially in the calendar year when Rosh Chodesh Sivan occurs on the first day of the week. The virtue of the second day of the Yemei Hagbalah and the connection to the daily Tehillim portion 33 224

Chag HaShavuot

Receiving the Torah in happiness and Pnimiyut 4 1308
The concept of "Our children will be our guarantors" in each one's Avodah 4 1309
At the time of Matan Torah - the choosing of the Am Yisroel 4 1310
The Hilulah of King David and the Baal Shem Tov 4 1311
The Baal Shem Tov was in this world and in the Supernal worlds at the same time - in Avodah 4 1312
The connection of “three-part Torah” to the “third month” according to Chassidut and in Avodat HaAdam 8 233
The lesson from the Torah being given in a desert 8 234
The advantage of women in the test of the Sin of the Calf and in donating for the Mishkan 8 235
Rosh Chodesh Sivan – the unity of Yisroel and the connection to women 8 236
The unity of all Yisroel begins with unity in the family through the Akeret Habayit (the mainstay of the home) – specifically in our time 8 237
The unity of Yisroel at Matan Torah through accepting the Yoke (of Heaven) and Bitul through happiness (simcha) . connected with the unity of the family and fitting for women 8 238
“You shall be for me a kingdom of priests . . holy” – three good advantages 8 239
All Yisroel is ‘a kingdom of priests” and the preparation to this by educating children 8 240
All of the good advantages in the first five days of Sivan (Debate in law of Mitzrayim in today’s times 8 241
Siyum Seder Mo’ed and Siyum tractate Yevamot – “Torah scholars increase peace in the world and therefore the fire of Gehinom does not touch them. The connection to the days of preparation for Matan Torah 8 242
Blessing for health in conjunction to the preparation for Matan Torah 8 243
The connection of Chag HaShavuot to Moshe, King David and the Baal Shem Tov. Chumash , Tehillim, Tanya (The importance of learning Chitas) and the lesson regarding the education of children 8 244
Tahalucha - (Yom Tov walk to other shuls) 8 245
Lesson from Chag HaShavuot - Through the completeness of Avodah from below (of Shavuot) comes the revelation from Above in the manner of a gift 8 246
Bringing close those who are far from Judaism 8 247
Two aspects in the Mitzvah of Talmud Torah – learning and realizing the connection with the Giver of Torah; and also with learning the Torah of the Nasi HaDor (leader of the generation) 8 248
“Just as there (at Matan Torah) it was with awe etc so to now” 8 249
The main advantage of (learning) Torah according to Torat Chabad – cleaving to G-d 8 250
The "Torah of G-d” is made “his Torah” through learning through Avodat HaShem and purity etc 8 251
Chassidut Chabad – a portion of our holy Torah and the necessity of learning it through the preface of “We will do and we will hear” (Naaseh v’Nishma) 8 252
The common point between Matan Torah and “Hakhel” 8 253
Chag HaShavuot does not have a date but it is the fiftieth day (continuation) of leaving Egypt 8 254
True freedom – accepting Torah 8 255
“Rav Yosef etc. But for the influence of this day how many Josephs are there in the market place!" 8 256
The innovation of Matan Torah – making an abode for G-d specifically through the actions of those below (tachtonim). “to the fullness of your open-handed gift that you can give” (Deut. 16:10)- to give of “your hands” and not the “your heart” Bitul to the Master of Will is expressed specifically in action 8 257
“Our children are our guarantors” – preparation to Matan Torah through strengthening Chinuch of the children 8 258
Explanation of the saying of the Sages (Tal. Bava Basra 147a): “(if) the weather on the Festival of Pentecost is fine sow wheat” according to Chassidut 8 259
Siyum Tractate Nedarim according to Chassidut and the connection to the standing at Har Sinai 8 260
“The wisdom of women build a house” – The obligation of women to build their home with a Chassidic spirit 8 261
“So should you say to Beit Yaakov” – this (refers) to the women. The advantage of women specifically according to Chassidut Chabad 8 262
The aspect of receiving the Torah with happiness and Pnimiyut 8 263
The double connection of women to receiving the Torah, It was said to them before the men. And they have the obligation of Chinuch of “Our children are our guarantors” 8 264
The explanation of the verse: “I was an example for the multitude, but You were my strong shelter.(Psalms 71:7) in conjunction with Jewish women and daughters 8 265
Reading Megillat Ruth on Chag HaShavuot and the lesson from this 8 266
Hilulah of the Baal Shem Tov whose two foundations of his Torah are – Ongoing creation every moment and Divine Providence 8 267
Order of preparation to Matan Torah during all the days from Rosh Chodesh Sivan. And also every year before Shavuot 13 136
The advantage of the preparation to Matan Torah over Matan Torah 13 137
“They camped opposite the mountain” - Unity 13 138
Special merit on Matan Torah to women 13 139
Connection of women specifically to Chinuch 13 140
Before Shavuot – a fitting tome to strengthen fulfillment of Torah and Mitzvot 13 141
The beginning of the Shloshet Yemei Hagbalah - a fitting time to strengthen learning Torah in Olam, Shanah, Nefesh (place, time and souls) the acronym “Ashan” (Mount Sinai smoked); The Mivtzaim 13 142
Encouragement in Mivtzaim of Chinuch – Taharat Mishpacha 13 143
The time that the decree was annulled 13 144
It is baseless to say that Matan Torah is only an aspect of adding 13 145
The lesson from G-d’s descending on Har Sinai that one has to lower oneself from his status in order to have an effect on another 13 146
Preciseness of the expression “Receiving the Torah with happiness and in Pnimiyut” 13 147
Explanation of Alter Rebbe in Shulchan Aruch O,C, 494:1 for the reason it is called the time of the giving of Torah on Shavuot 13 148
Ten Commandments – epitome of Above and epitome of Below together 13 149
The Rebbe Rayatz’s sending of a Sefer Torah to the Holy Land 13 150
Special lesson to the residents of Kfar Chabad for Shavuot 5716 13 151
The purpose of travelling to the Diaspora (Chutz L’Aretz ) is to stress the advantage of the quality etc. 13 152
Directive from the Baal Shem Tov (Whose Hilulah s on Shavuot) that Avodah must be with happiness 13 153
The innovation of the Baal Shem Tov that Divine Providence is also in inanimate objects and it is not connected to Gilgulim (reincarnations) 13 154
The holding of the mountain over their heads like a barrel. And the preceding of Na’aseh to Nishma (“We will do and we will hear”) – which came first 13 155
Chinuch - Our children are our guarantors; Special awakening on Shavuot in the aspect of Chinuch 13 156
Graduation of Tomchei Tmimim 13 157
Graduation of Beis Rivka 13 158
Building the Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim in Brooklyn 13 159
The printing of the English translation of Tanya – side by side 13 160
Connection of Matan Torah to the traveling of Orchim (guests) 13 161
I am the L-d your G-d who took you out of Egypt - going out of Egypt in holiness, through the connection to Moshe 18 429
Matan Torah is dependent upon all Yisroel special quality; 18 430
Explanation of Rambam (Hil. Tmidim uMusafim 7:11) : "And if one would presume that in that year Pesach fell on the Sabbath as these fools have supposed" 18 431
Graduation of Beis Rivka in the third month 18 432
Graduation of Beis Rivka - related to Parshat Shlach where the women held the Land dear 18 433
Our children are our guarantors 18 434
Sefer Torah to greet Moshiach 18 435
Reciting Mishnayot Baal Peh (by heart) 18 436
The main aspect of Chag HaShavuot in the future 18 437
There is no reason to rule leniently to physically force someone (לכפות בשוטים) 18 438
Chitas 18 439
Torah and Mitzvot - a Segulah and it is impossible to absolve in any manner 18 440
Completing Chitas at night, the order of learning 18 441
The necessity to learn Pnimiyut HaTorah 18 442
Explanation of Tanya Chap. 29 "where everything is timeless and it is as if he had caused his blemish and defilement this very day, G-d forbid" 18 443
Thoughts help another 18 444
Two aspects to Torah: Above time and connected to time 18 445
Reviewing Talmud Baal Peh (by heart) 18 446
The manner of learning Gemara 18 447
Setting times for Torah study in the Beis HaKnesset 18 448
The advantage of reading Zohar etc. 18 449
Awakening and encouraging learning of Torah 18 450
The need to learn all parts of Torah 18 451
Reciting "about one hundred pages" of Talmud Baal Peh (by heart) 18 452
Divine Providence and faith 18 453
The two hundredth year since the Histalkus of the Baal Shem Tov - regarding the students of Lubavitch Yeshivot 18 454
The beginning of the period of division of Yisroel into Torah Scholars and simple folk 18 455
The lesson from "chemistry" to the aspect of Divine Providence 18 456
The choice to live outside of the confines of Judaism id contrary to one's nature and existence as a Jew 18 457
Telegrams for Chag HaShavuot 5738, 5739, 5740 18 458
Encouragement from Chag HaShavuot for all the days of the year – every day must be new. 23 320
Inauguration of the building of Tomchei Tmimim and the connection to Matan Torah 23 321
Siyum of Talmud Yerushalmi Tractate Mo’ed Katan and the connection to the beginning of Tractate Yevamot. 23 322
Connection of Matan Torah to women 23 323
Torah brings healing 23 324
Suspending Torah study in order to facilitate a burial (להוצאת המת) and to join in a wedding – explanation in a light-hearted manner 23 325
Explanation of virtue of Mitzvot of Matan Torah over that of the Mitzvot of the Patriarchs 23 326
Sefirat HaOmer and establishing the date of Chag HaShavuot for one who crosses the International Date Line 23 327
On Matan Torah: placing the Nistar (esoteric) Torah into the Niglah (exoteric) Torah and the Niglah into Nistar 23 328
In all differences of opinion one must go to a Posek of Halacha 23 329
The two-hundredth anniversary of the passing of the Baal Shem Tov and its utilization to spread Judaism 23 330
Emphasizing the absurdity that the Baal Shem Tov was lenient in Mitzvot, G-d forbid. 23 331
Explanation of “All Yisroel are believers” 23 332
Segulah of the two-hundredth anniversary of the passing of the Baal Shem Tov 23 333
Notes on the Mamarim regarding Judaism 23 334
Alacrity concerning not citing quotes (לצטטם) from improper persons. Recollections from an anti-Semite are not to be believed. 23 335
R’ Adam Baal Shem and the Baal Shem Tov did not see each other. 23 336
The Kherson Geniza letters are not authentic originals 23 337
The twenty-six years that the Baal Shem Tov was hidden. 23 338
The need for printing the Mamarim of the Baal Shem Tov. 23 339
Supporting a Rabbi’s leadership of his community 23 340
Explanation of the statement: "Rebbe honored the wealthy”. 23 341
Encouragement in the matters of Torah and Mitzvot (for those who guarded Israel from destruction, G-d forbid), And especially in our generation. 23 342
Awakening in the aspect of Torah and Mitzvot for girls whose fathers sacrificed their lives for Judaism (which is also passed on to them)! 23 343
The reason for the title: Rabbeinu Gershom Meor HaGolah - because of two of his regulations. The mistake of the “Jewish scholars” ("Chachmat Yisrael") during the known period! 23 344
Directive concerning the coloring of Hebrew letters in a manner that even their shading (3D) is recognizable 23 345
Warning not to print a Chumash according to version that is not accepted according to the Masorah 23 346
Debate in the text of the verse (Proverbs 27:20), "The grave and Gehinnom will not be sated" 23 347
The reliability of Sefer "Yosiphon" (Josephus) 23 348
General Letter – Yemei Hagbala 574 Telegrams 23 349
Debate in the explanation of the Zohar (3:183b) that on Chag HaShavuot we offer Chametz on the Altar 28 300
Debate in the explanation of the Midrash (Shmot Rabba end of chap. 29) “the sound that emanated from G-d did not have a “Bat Kol” (echo) 28 301
Explanation of the saying of the Sages (Bava Basa 147a) “Ahithophel instructed his sons with regard to three matters: etc. And if the festival of Shavuot is a clear day, sow wheat” 28 302
The aspect of the “seven days of feasting following a wedding” (shivat yemei mishteh) in the “wedding” of Matan Torah 28 303
If even one person of Yisroel was absent, there would not have been the revelation of the Shechinah on Matan Torah (Devarim Rabba 7:8) 28 304
Explanation of the blessing “receiving the Torah with joy and inner meaning” (קבלת התורה בשמחה ובפנימיות) 28 305
Advantage of Torah over Mitzvot 28 306
Special connection of Torah to women and girls – “Beit Yaakov” before “Bnei Yisroel” 28 307
Strengthening Ahavat Yisroel 28 308
Avodah in the three pillars upon which the world stands 28 309
Correction of three mistakes in the text of “Tikun Leil Shavuot” that is published 28 310
Endeavoring that all Bnei Yisroel be in the Beit HaKnesset during the reading of the Ten Commandments; adding to Tzedaka before Shavuot 28 311
Telegrams 28 312
Our custom not to recite “Akdamot” 33 232
The connection of Matan Torah with the Schechitah profession – the reason for eating dairy products 33 233
The allusion in the Torah to “nuclear science” (מדע גרעיני) – the revelation of the hidden powers in matter, until the first source which is the word of G-d. There must be the ruling of form over matter 33 234
The special connection of women to the receiving of the Torah – “So should you say to Beis Yaakov – these are the women” 33 235
The merit and responsibility of Jewish women 33 236
The connection of Chag HaShavuot to Chinuch – Matan Torah is like a child in school 33 237
“Our children (including our daughters) are our guarantors“ 33 238
The days of Matan Torah are auspicious (מסוגלים) for healing from all undesirable matters 33 239
Torah brings healing to the world 33 240
Explanation of Rambam (in the preface to Sefer HaYad) “All the Mitzvot given . . were all given together with their explanations, as it states, "And I will give you the tablets of stone and the Mitzvah etc." Seemingly, in Torat Kohanim, this is derived from another verse 33 241
The source for the aspect of newness (התחדשות) of Torah each day (in Niglah and in Pnimiyut HaTorah) 33 242
The uniqueness of the book of Tehillim (ייחודו של ספר תהלים) 33 243
The reason that it appears to a person that he has no success in his study is from the enticements of the Yetzer 33 244
The Sefer “Rambam on Torah” (רמב״ם על התורה) its main aspect must not be from his books on Halacha 33 245
All Yisroel is like one body. Through strengthening one limb it adds to the strength of the others 33 246
Among the foundations of Chabad is not to identify with a political party (להזדהות עם מפלגה). The true aspect of “freedom” is through the “engraving on the Luchot” 33 247
Speech to youth regarding the necessity of “Return O Yisroel . . and I will return to you," said the L-rd of Hosts” 33 248
Letter of encouragement to a woman who is involved in communal affairs (osek b'tzarchei tzibbur) to use her standing and powers to awaken the youth in the Holy Land to return to G-d and His Torah. Working to achieve inner Aliyah/ascent (תעמולה לעלי' פנימית) 33 249
The virtue of “communal life/Kibbutz” (חיי קבוצה) in a manner that precludes undesirable competition yet does not nullify the virtue of the individual. This aspect is different for those who founded the Kibbutz from those that were born into it. The connection to Rosh Hashanah where man was created as an individual. 33 250
Many lessons concerning the aspect and topic of a “newspaper” in general and a “Jewish newspaper” in particular. 33 251
Stories etc. in a newspaper 33 252
There is no contradiction between socialism and Judaism 33 253
Sharp criticism on the saving of personalities and events from the Holy writings in an allegorical manner that opposes the spirit of Judaism 33 254
Receipt of the book “Yisroel b’Golah” and its critique; the custom of completing the entire Torah reading in a yearly cycle in Rashi’s times; The ruling of Jewish tribes in North Africa in the middle ages. 33 255
The aspect of Gilgulim accepted in Torat HaChassidut etc. (and even by the Vilna Gaon and his students) 252 33 256
Negation of participating in organizations together with Reform and Conservative 253 33 257
Responses to general questions in faith and religion; Complete negation of the notion that it is possible to rely on moral feelings etc. without Torah. The obligation to educate youth. 33 258
Doubts in matters of science (theorems are probable but not certain) are not like differing opinions in Torah 255 33 259
The claim, “Shall the Judge of all the earth not do justice?” in connection with the Holocaust etc.; It is a clear proof from the Holocaust that it is impossible, without Torah, to rely on the moral philosophy and feelings of man. 33 260
“Deed is primary” – influencing others to have children 33 261
Claims regarding the “Holocaust” 33 262
The question of a why bad things happen to good people (צדיק ורע לו) answered according to faith in the Resurrection of the Dead (בתחיית המתים) 33 263
Telegrams for Chag HaShavuot- 5747, 5748, 5749 33 264
Not to cross the International Dateline during the days of Sefirah. 38 145
Virtue of the occurrence of Chag HaShavuot is at the end of the seventh Shabbat. 38 146
When the revealed part of Torah (niglah) was hidden and the esoteric part of Torah (Nistar) was revealed. 38 147
Actions of spreading the wellsprings of Pnimiyut HaTorah in conjunction with Chag HaShavuot 38 148
The connection between Lag B’Omer, the Hilulah of the Rashbi, and Chag HaShavuot the Hilulah of the Baal Shem Tov 38 149
Segulah of the Two-hundredth Anniversary of the Hilulah of the Baal Shem Tov 38 150
Our children are our guarantors - the obligation to endeavor in Chinuch and in a manner based on the faith in G-d - “Anochi" 38 151
Utilizing Chag HaShavuot to awaken in synagogues regarding Chinuch 38 152
Engaging in Chinuch aids in receiving the Torah with joy and in Pnimiyut 38 153
Not to give room to weakness because of difficulties 38 154
Yeshivot are for the benefit of students, not for the benefit of the educators 38 155
Expanding a Yeshiva in order to accept more students 38 156
Receiving the Torah was like the entry of a child into Cheder 38 157
The prefacing of women to men in the preparation for Matan Torah and the donations to the Mishkan. The obligation to educate girls. 38 158
The merit and special role of women in the observance of Torah. 38 159
At the time of Matan Torah, all Yisroel were made healthy and complete 38 160
The Torah-teaching of the Baal Shem Tov that one must serve G-d with his body 38 161
Torat Chaim - "The Torah makes life” (תורה מאַכט אויף לעבן) 38 162
“Carved” (חרות) on the Luchot – “Freedom” (חירות) from all aspects that confuse 38 163
Serving G-d with joy and its connection to Chag HaShavuot according to what is written in the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch 494:18 38 164
Telegrams for Chag HaShavuot 5750, 5751 38 165

Yom 2 Chag HaShavuot (S”K) 5744

The virtue of Ahavat Yisroel and Achdut Yisroel, and the connection to Matan Torah and Chag HaShavuot. Shabbat Parshat Naso 28 241

Yud-Beit Sivan

The aspect of the Tashlumin of Chag HaShavuot 4 1312

Naso (Tzniut,Wig)

Explanation of the "waters of the Sotah" in the Avodah of anyone who has "experienced a spirit of folly" 4 1311
The law and the source that girls (besulot) do not cover their hair 8 285
The advantage of a wig 8 285
Explanation of Iggeret HaTeshuvah Chap. 1 “As it says in the Torah that they shall confess their sins” 13 186
The necessity of wearing a wig 13 187
The advantage of a wig over a scarf 13 188
The necessity of wearing a wig 18 447
The manner of cutting the hair of married women. The length of the bangs; the necessity of Tzniut 18 448
The age that one is obligated in Tzniut 18 449
Blessing of the Kohanim every day in Eretz Yisroel 18 450
Making a Chanukat HaBayit (home dedication) 18 451
Purchasing a home 18 452
Explanation in Talmud (Menachot 29a): "R. Jose b. Judah said, It once happened that the candlestick which was used in the Temple was found to be larger than that made by Moses by a golden dinar" 18 453
Source of the Sages’ statement: "we only encourage those that have zeal" 18 454
Covering hairs in women and not shaving them 23 349
Virtue of a wig – Sheitel 23 350
Encouraging women in the above and in children's education. 23 351
Debate in Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch (OC 28:44) regarding Nesiat Kapaim for a Kohen who has defects. 23 352
Virtue of covering women’s hair with a wig (Sheitel) over that of a scarf, in our times 28 318
Alacrity in covering women’s hair and arms 28 319
Alacrity in growing a husband’s beard and covering women’s hair – a segulah for Parnassah (livelihood) 28 320
A Shidduch dependent upon the fiancé agreeing to cover her hair 28 321
Explanation of Rashi on the Talmud (Sukkah 39b s.v Min) “When do the Kohanim turn their faces” 28 322
Intents (Kavanot) in Birkat Kohanim 28 323
Sources for the aspect of a “Chanukat HaBayit” (home dedication) 28 324
Explanation in many places in Chassidut (Likkutei Torah end of Parshat Naso, s.v. “Zot Chanuchat” 5660) that the Minchat Nedava (private flour offering) was brought in an Egyptian palm-leaf basket 28 325
Aspect of the number ten in the offering of the Tribal Leaders (Nesi’im). 28 326
Source and strong importance of covering married women’s hair 33 264
Not to leave a revealed place in a women’s hair 33 265
It is impossible that a wig should cause headaches 33 266
Advantage of a wig over a scarf 33 267
Alacrity in obtaining a wig. Special Gemach in Machane Yisroel for this purpose. 33 268
Necessity for the aspects of wigs and the education of women and daughters, in general 33 269
Necessity for covering the hair and the negation of objections etc. 33 270
Necessity for a couple getting married to agree on the wearing of a wig etc. 33 271
The virtue of Shalom Bayit (peace in the home) even when the wife conducts herself suspiciously, G-d forbid. How much more so when the wife is modest (צנועה) 38 187
Influencing women through friends and acting with her in a pleasant manner 38 188
Shalom Bayit is dependent upon a house built on the foundations of Torah 38 189
The necessity to honor one’s wife. This is an awakening from below to awaken the aspect of Knesset Yisroel to be called the wife of G-d etc. (רעייתו של הקב״ה) 38 190
The Shechinah only rests between a married couple when there is Shalom Bayit. Advice to create peace 38 191
The obligation of parents to educate their children from a complete home 38 192
To engage and live a life according to Torah and there is no place for thoughts of divorce etc. 38 193
Refraining from excessive drinking even during a farbrengen 38 194
Aspects of the Mitzvah of Nesiat Kapayim (the priestly blessing) 38 195

S"P Naso 5740

Gatherings for children in the days of Tashlumin of Shavuot, specifically at holy places in Eretz Yisroel 23 259


The hint in Parshat Behaalotecha to light up all the candles (souls) – even that (soul) which is called “nidach” (banished) etc. 8 286
Three types of candles: lights of the Menorah, lights of Chanukah and lights of Shabbat and Yom Tov 8 287
“On the word of G-d, did Bnei Yisroel camp and on the word of G-d, did they travel” – Nevertheless they did not travel without Miriam 8 288
Debate in the manner of writing the inverted Nun’s in Parshat Behaalotecha 8 289
The connection of lighting the lamps to Yeshivat Tomchei Tmimim – lamplighters (neiros lehair); 13 186
The connection with the opening of camp "Gan Yisroel" 13 187
The view of the Alter Rebbe in Torah Or, s.v. “on the twenty-fifth of Kislev” in the time and manner of lighting the Menorah and its place. 13 188
The correlation the days of Chanukah to the Seder HaMidot 13 189
The lesson from "When you light the lamps" that "the flame should rise from itself" 18 452
Ahavat Yisroel - lighting Shabbat Candles 18 453
Chinuch 18 454
Graduation of Tomchei Tmimim Montreal 18 455
In Galut the time of the lighting and in the future it will rise by itself 18 456
The lighting of the "candle of G-d is the soul of man" 18 457
Levites in their Mishmaroseihem (their watch) or bDuchanom (their service) 18 458
Opinions regarding the time of lighting of the Menorah in the Temple- at night or in also the morning 23 355
The claim “why should we miss out’’ (regarding Korban Pesach). Depicts the dearness of a Jew. The lesson in the manner of Jewish education 23 356
The difference between the Tashlumin (appearing at the Temple) of the Chag and the Pesach Rishon and Sheini regarding “one who was lame on the first day of the festival and became well on the second) (״חיגר ונתפשט״). 23 357
Explanation of Iggeret HaKodesh Chap 19 that “a Chacham is better than a prophet”. Even Moshe Rabbeinu, besides the sight of prophecy, also understood with wisdom what the Arizal understood. 23 358
The essence of the Mitzvah to believe in prophecy, and the emphasis in our times that one must practically fulfill all of the commandments 23 359
Levels of prophecy. 23 360
Law of greeting one’s Rabbi. 23 361
Prohibition of speaking Lashon Hara on oneself 23 362
Aspect of lighting the candles (העלאת הנרות) in Avodat HaAdam. The connection to educational institute “Oholei Torah” 28 323
Explanation of Likkutei Torah of the Arizal on the statement of the Sages, “To tell the praise of Aharon that he did not change” – according to Chassidut 28 324
Merging of Rashi on Talmud (Sanh. 17a s.v. “Mi”) and Rashi on Torah (Behaalotecha 11:27) in the reason that Eldad and Medad did not go out 28 325
Explanation of the Tosafot HaRosh on Torah (Behaalotecha 11:27) that Eldad and Medad were sired by Amram after he separated from Yocheved and married another 28 326
Debate whether it is permitted for a student to say the name of his teacher with the addition of a term of praise 28 327
Explanation of the words of the Shaloh that the Kushite woman that Moshe took, is the Talmud Bavli 28 328
True Chinuch in a manner of “the flame rising of its own accord” 33 270
Ministering of the Levi’im to the Kohanim through song. 33 271
Moving from one place to another does not need to cause a weakening in Avodat HaShem; like the Sicha of the Rebbe Rayatz that the Travels were according to the word of G-d; This is alluded to in Tanya Chap. 25 regarding an everlasting Unification 33 272
Debate in what is written in Torah Or (s.v. b’Chaf-Hei Kislev) that in the morning, the sixth candle was lit after preparing it, and afterward the seventh candle 38 193
Debate in what is written in Likkutei Torah (ר פ) that Aaron is one of the Seven Shepherds (מזי הרועים) 38 194
Pesach Sheini – the intermediary between Pesach Rishon and Matan Torah 38 195
The lesson from Pesach Sheini – it is never too late (עס איו קיינמאל ניט פארפאלען) 38 196
The Chassidic saying: ‘Yeush? Shelo Mida’at’, (Losing hope – is a lack of intelligence) and the lesson from Pesach Sheini 38 197
Small Pesach (פסחא זעירא) – a small jump 38 198
The lesson from Moshe’s words, “Would it be that all G-d’s people were prophets” 38 199
The scope of prophecy and a Heavenly Voice 38 200

Yom 4 Behaalotecha, 13 Sivan 5740

The merit of Jewish children who are guarantors of Torah 23 264
The lesson of "When you light the lamps" - light up the world with Torah and Mitzvot 23 265
1 The lesson from the lesson (Chitas) of Yom 4 Behaalotecha - not to be fazed from the "desert" of Golut 23 266


The mistake of the Spies - the preceding of "reward" to the actual Avodah and battle, in Avodah 4 1314
The Spies were righteous at that time yet nevertheless when they saw with their eyes the difficult Avodah of refining he land, they fell from their level; From this is a lesson for someone reaching a new level (e.g. Bar Mitzvah etc) not to be dismayed (shelo yispoel) ; Women hold the land dear; The lesson to the graduates of Beis Rivka and the counselors of Camp “Emunah” 8 290
The lesson from the episode of the Spies in Avodat HaAdam for one who finds difficulty in his Avodah - specifically in our generation 8 291
The error of the Spies according to Chassidut and the lesson: “The land is very very good” 8 292
Explanation of Tanya (end of chap twenty-nine):: “Whence did their faith in G-d’s ability return to them?” 8 293
Women hold the land dear – Avodah of women specifically in Chinuch 8 294
The special connection of women to the “Holy Land” 8 295
As above, the advantage of “Beis Rivka” 8 296
Sons must be higher than the fathers – “and the children who you have spoken etc I will bring them and they will know the Land” 8 297
The necessity and advantage of the government of Israel supporting proper Torah educational institutions 8 298
The lesson from the Mitzvah of “challah” to the graduating students and counselors of Camp “Emunah” 8 299
The advantage of beautifying a Mitzvah – specifically Tzitzit and Talit 8 300
Why they did not bring a proof for sleeping in a Talit Koton from those that died in the desert 8 301
The aspect of wrapping in a Talit (gadol) like the “wrapping of the Ishmaelites” (Atifas HaYishmaeilim) 8 302

Shlach (Talit)

The views in the Midrash if Joshua and Caleb carried the grape cluster 13 196
The main complaint of the Spies and the answer thereof was with the aspect of “children” (“Taf”) ;Tomchei Tmimim 13 197
The explanation of the wording of the Baal Shem Tov that the Angel Michael would forego all of his service for one of the four Tzitzit of a Yisroel 13 198
Our custom in the twistings of the Tzitzit (3,3,1 ; 2,3,3 etc.) 13 199
The manner of sewing the corners of a Talit Katan 13 200
The blessing on a Talit Katan 13 201
Wearing a Talit Katan at night 13 202
Our custom that the Shliach Tzibbur (prayer leader) does not wear a Talit for Mincha or Arvit – but not in a contentious manner 13 203


The connection of Matan Torah to the mitzvah of Challah, Lighting Shabbat Candles and Chinuch - for Jewish women 18 458
Tzitzit machine 18 459
If the command "you should not follow" is one of the 613 Mitzvot 18 460
The huge breach of television 18 461
The merit of the Eretz Yisroel: "Make here, Eretz Yisroel" (מאך דא א״י) and especially regarding Jewish women. 23 360
Comments in Iggeret HaKodesh end of chapter 1 23 361
The wording "His merit will protect us" (זכותו יגן עלינו) on the Tzaddikim in the world of truth. 23 362
Placing threads of Wool in a linen garment 23 363
Machine made Tzitzit 23 364
Tallit Katan is a segulah for one who had a theft. 23 365
Guarding one’s eyes. 23 366
The virtue of printing Kuntras “Eitz HaChaim” whose subject is the nullification and rectification of the Sin of the Spies 28 327
The reason that Moshe said, after Yisroel did Teshuvah, “it will not be successful” 28 328
Alacrity in preventing the soiling of Tzitzit 28 329
Techailes (blue Tzitzit) in this time 28 330
Machine made Tzitzit 28 331
Description of the holes in the garment of a Tallit Katan 28 332
Connection of Tzitzit to the hairs of the head and to marriage 28 333
Explanation of the words of the Alter Rebbe in Iggeret HaTeshuvah end of Chap. 7 regarding the blemishing of G-d’s name through the nullification of many Mitzvot 28 334
Women loved the Land and were not enticed from the advice of the Spies. From this, it is understood that women hold dear all aspects of holiness 33 272
Not to be ashamed from scoffers, as it states, “G-d is with us, do not fear them” 33 273
Source of what is written in Torah Or Beshalach (64a) “The Sages state, one who wishes to accept upon himself the yoke of Heaven should put on Tzitzit and Tefilin 33 274
Segulah for removing children’s fears – Tzitzit 33 275
The proof that it is forbidden to place woolen Tzitzit string into a linen Talit is from the Torah 33 276
Explanation of Likkutei Torah (Shlach 49c) regarding the advantage of Chochmah/Wisdom to Gogalta/(Keter) 33 277
Contemplation in the verses of our Parsha (14:8,9) If G-d desires us” and the conclusion that it is not the land of Canaan nor even the land of Israel but rather the Holy Land, which will be rebuilt if we listen to His Voice 38 198
The land is very, very good- because the purpose is the deed 38 199
The great virtue of Mitzvat Tzitzit 38 200
Whether one fulfils the Mitzvah of Tzitzit every moment that they are worn 38 201
Manner of placing the string into the hole of a Talit Gadol 38 202
Tzitzit from the words “peering from the lattices” (מֵצִ֖יץ מִן־הַֽחֲרַכִּֽים) 38 203
S"P Shlach, 28 Sivan 5746 – pg. 255 28 204
Election and appointment of the Rabbis of the community 28 205

Chof-Chet Sivan 274

The innovation of this day which began a new era in the spreading of the wellsprings outward; explanation of “spreading”, “your wellsprings”, “outward”; The connection to Parshat Shlach 33 274

Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

Yisroel counts and is compared to the moon and the nations of the world to the sun. They will be renewed like it in the Future; 8 312
The study specifically of Rosh Chodesh Tammuz 8 313
The connection to the graduates of Beis Rivka 8 314
Women have a special relationship with Rosh Chodesh as reward for not partaking in the Sin of the Calf (Pirkei d’Rebi Eliezer 45) 8 315
Women have very strong faith (“An atonement for all their generations”) 8 316
The Avodah of Chinuch for women particularly in Rosh Chodesh Tammuz – the month of the Geulah of the Rebbe Rayatz; The connection to the graduates and counselors 8 317
The advantage of the day that is the head and includes Yud-Beis Tammuz 13 201


The explanation of the saying of the Sages: "A donkey is cold even in Tammuz" in Avodah 18 463

Gimmel Tammuz

The advantage over Yud_beit Tammuz 4 1315
The saying: "The sun stood still in Givon" through Joshua on this day 4 1316

S"P Korach, Gimmel Tammuz 5745

Beginning of the redemption of the Rebbe Rayatz on Gimmel Tammuz and the connection to “The sun stood still in Givon" that occurred on this day 28 261


The lesson from the claim of Korach that a house full of books is exempt from a Mezuzah 4 1317
The sign of the priesthood of Aharon - Almonds. Zerizus (Alacrity) 4 1318
The Explanation the "eyes of the those people" according to Rashi, Targum Yonason, Likkutei Torah of the Arizal and others 4 1319
Explanation of the claim of Korach, “a tallit that is completely Techailes etc.", and Moshe’s answer. The lesson to the students of Tomchei Tmimim in particular/ 8 324
Explanation of Rambam (end of Hilchot Shmittah v’Yovel) “But each man and woman etc.” 8 325
The lesson from the nullification of Korach’s claim that a house full of Sefarim is exempt from a Mezuzah – specifically for the students of Tomchei Tmimim 13 204
The lesson from the conduct of the tribe of Levi - for all Yisroel 13 205
Explanation of the Mishnah in Tractate Middot (beg. ch.1 ) "in three places the kohanim keep watch" 18 465
Explanation of Mishnah in Tractate Middot (1:2) " he has permission to burn his clothing" 18 466
The lesson from “Aharon’s staff blossomed" to each one of Yisroel. 23 365
Why is it necessary to enumerate the places in the Temple where the Kohanim kept watch. 23 366
Wether Kodashim be eaten standing or sitting. 23 367
Merging of Rashi (Num. 16:4) “Perhaps he will no longer accept my petition" to what is written in Iggeret HaTeshuvah Chap. 11 that by the standard of G‑d, there is no difference between once and a thousand times. 28 333
Participating in a Pidyon HaBen in lieu of eighty-four fasts 28 334
Lessons from the section of the laws of the Kohanim to the aspect of conduct in a Beit HaKnesset 28 335
“Moshe rose up and went etc.” – the importance of efforts to establish religious technical expertise in the Holy Land 33 282
The beginning of the dealing with the Third Beit HaMikdash, that will be revealed from Heaven, is through the Kohanim who dedicate it. 38 201

Yud-Beis Tammuz

The greatness of the miracle that was done for the Nasi HaDor (leader of the generation) 4 1322
The difference between Avodat HaBirurim (Refining) and Avodat HaNisyonyot (withstanding tests) 4 1323
Strengthening the connection etc on the thirtieth year of the redemption 4 1324
Story of the Rebbe Rashab who purchased for his son a walking stick, the aspect of "Makal Noam" 4 1325
Fifty-five years since the redemption, the lesson from this. 23 368
Virtue of making a farbrengen on this day. 23 369
Main goal of the farbrengen is to bring from potential to actual. 23 370
Segulah of the day. 23 371
Necessity of spreading the wellsprings of Chassidut. 23 372
Kfar Chabad village. 23 373
Synagogue of Kfar Chabad. 23 374
To the immigrants from Morocco in Kfar Chabad. 23 375
Continuing the Redemption for the whole year. 23 376
Segulah of the Day 23 377
The special connection for Jewish women and children 23 378
Lesson from the Mesirat Nefesh of the Baal HaGeulah 23 379
Learning trust and Divine Providence from the Geulah; Divine Providence in Shidduchim (Matchmaking) 23 380
Learning Mesirat Nefesh from the Baal HaGeulah 23 381
Necessity of spreading the wellsprings of Chassidut (Hafatzas HaMayanot) 23 382
Necessity for Chabad activities and power from the Day of Redemption. 23 383
Lesson: The virtue of Chinuch, and Mesirat Nefesh for Klal Yisroel. 23 384
Mesirat nefesh for the education of “young children” (עוללים ויונקים) especially Jewish girls 23 385
Blessing for a Bar Mitzvah in Kfar Chabad. 23 386
Encouragement to the graduation ceremony of the technical school to increase in all matters of Judaism, especially in the year of Hakhel. 23 387
As above. Especially since the graduation ceremony takes place on the tenth of Tammuz, Padah B’Shalom 23 388
As above. Especially when the graduation ceremony takes place on Yud-Beis Tammuz 23 389
To the graduates of Beis Rivka – encouragement, as above 23 390
Telegrams. 23 391
Yud-Beis Tammuz 337 28 337
Virtue of a miracle that was performed for one’s teacher 28 338
Virtue of a Yud-Gimmel Tammuz 28 339
Telegrams 28 340
Study from the story of the Mesirat Nefesh of Yud-Beis Tammuz, especially after forty years 33 283
Remembrance of the Geulah must be in a manner of “deed” (נעשים) 33 284
Geulah from all undesirable aspects 33 285
The Mesirat Nefesh of Yud-Beis Tammuz is connected with Torah-true Chinuch 33 286
Farbrengen on Yud-Beis Tammuz 33 287
Lessons from the residents of Kfar Chabad and their Mesirat Nefesh 33 288
Necessity that an educational institution ( and especially one in the Holy Land) be proper 33 289
Moving to the Holy Land when one has the ability to influence one’s surrounding where he currently lives, especially in the area of Chinuch, is abandoning the war against assimilation, G-d forbid 33 290
Utilizing one’s powers to facilitate G-d’s mission 33 291
The mission of spreading Judaism, in one’s area and surroundings is incumbent upon everyone 33 292
Instead of searching for challenge by attending university, which has “obstacles” one must withstand the challenges in the seminar itself 33 293
From “tests” in course study one must learn that each person must test himself in the aspects of Avodat HaShem 289 33 294
In all places of doubt – whoever increases in the aspects of the fear of Heaven is praiseworthy 33 295
It is impossible that one who is engaged in the education of Jewish children, should feel alone 33 296
Non-kosher intermediaries should not be utilized for the purpose of a Mitzvah. For it is a “Mitzvah that comes through sin”. However, one who foregoes his personal comfort to influence another, is better than personal study. 33 297
All merit bears fruit 33 298
Instead of thinking about oneself, one must think of the other; manners of contemplation in prayer; one who acts with another helps regarding himself 33 299
Telegrams from Yud-Beis Tammuz 5747, 5748, 5749 33 300
Day for Farbrengen and awakening for the strengthening of Torah and Judaism 38 204
Segulah to increase in the spreading of Torah and Judaism both in a place that is strong in Torah as well as one that is far from Torah 38 205
The Geulah of the head (הראש) automatically affects all the limbs of the body and nullified hiddenness and cloakings 38 206
Victory over those that oppose G-d and His Torah. If this was so, in Galut with non-Jews, how much more so is this with regard to Jews who have Free-choice 38 207
The Rebbe Rayatz lifts in song and prayer for those who follow in his footsteps\ 38 208
This happy day nullifies all aspect of Judgements and restricted mindedness etc. (וקטנות המוחין) of mourning 38 209
This was not an individual deliverance but a general victory in the aspects of Torah and Judaism 38 210
It is puzzling that there is depression close the Chag HaGeulah, for the words of Tzaddikim and their accomplishments exist eternally. However, one must have Mesirat Nefesh that it should be so and not different (אזוי און ניט אנדערש) 38 211
If so, if according to nature, there is no appearance of the possibility of success, one effects and sees fruit. How much more so in the land of freedom 38 212
The lesson from Yud-Beis Tammuz regarding how great the power is of even one Jew 38 213
The obstacles (המכשולים) today are incomparably small to what was then 38 214
After the Rebbe Rayatz paved the way, it is certainly much more easier for those who follow in his footsteps 38 215
Each year the aspects return and are drawn into the life of each person, and especially one who represents (שמייצג) the public 38 216
The obligation to utilize one’s power of influence over one’s followers in a manner of fear preceding wisdom. The lesson of Yud-Beis Tammuz that one who sincerely fights for truth can overcome even a powerful ruler 38 217
Allusions to the name of the Rebbe Rayatz – Yosef Yitzchak 38 218
Telegrams from Yud-Beis Tammuz 5718-5720, 5726, 5727, 5750, 5751 38 219

Yud-Beis Yud-Gimmel Tammuz

The effect of the redemption even to “someone who is just called Yisroel in name only”; Receiving vitality from the leader of the generation in all one’s aspects / 8 330
Drawing down the redemption into everyone – even to those who are called Jewish in name only/ 8 331
Padah B’Shalom etc.” within each person/ 8 332
The virtue of Oholei Yosef Yitzchak / 8 333
Through the redemption of the head – after the head goes the body / 8 334
Remembrance of the redemption must effect a negating of being affected by obstacles and barriers/ the effect of the Geulah with alacrity and swiftness – like the blossoming of Aaron’s staff/ 8 335
“May G-d be with us etc.” an auspicious time for good resolutions / 8 336
The effect of the Geulah in each person that his Avodah be from Mesirat Nefesh/ the lesson of the redemption from the Baal HaGeulah in the Maamer “Baruch HaGomel” on Shabbat Parshat Pinchas 5687; Four levels of vitality in Avodat HaAdam/ 8 337
The fifth of Tammuz and its virtue; Forty years since the Geulah/ 8 338
learning and study of the episode of the Redemption, imprisonment, and the causes that resulted in it ("knowledge, wisdom, and truth will become abundant” -Rambam - Hilchot Teshuva 5:2, end of Hilchot Melachim) / 8 339
Geulah - after imprisonment: transforming darkness to light; the order of conduct - Chesed, Din Rachamim: Going out of the imprisonment of the soul through Teshuvah and good deeds / 8 340
”Only the bodies were given to subjugation etc.”; Chinuch and addition in the three pillars / 8 341
Auspicious days (Yemei segulah); especially in the Jubilee year of the Nesiut of the Baal HaGeulah; “O L-rd, hasten to my assistance. . O L-rd hasten to me. . do not delay”/ 8 342
Time to reflect on the reason for the imprisonment etc. / 8 343
Lesson from the episode of the imprisonment and the redemption, in conjunction to the Sicha of the Baal HaGeulah, “May G-d be with us etc.” and the Parsha of the week – Balaam’s prophecy; Debate in the source of Rambam's ruling at the end of Hilchot Chanukah that the Torah was given to make peace in the world 8 344
Encouragement for the five Mivtzaim (Torah, Tefilin, Mezuzah , Tzedaka, Bayit Malei Sefarim (Jewish books in the home) 5734 13 208
Special increase in the Mezuzah campaign – specifically before the Three Weeks 13 209
Abolishment of the “Who is a Jew” law and the five campaigns also bring physical protection to the Jewish People 13 210
Special emphasis of the five campaigns and specifically in the Mezuzah campaign - in the Holy Land 13 211
Necessity of correcting the “Who is a Jew” 13 212
The connection of the five campaigns also to women 13 213
Encouragement of the five campaigns and the Shabbos and Yom Tov candles campaign – in conjunction with Yud-Beis Tammuz 13 214
Encouragement of the campaigns for the Students of the Yeshivas 13 215
In conjunction with Yud-Beis Tammuz - Encouragement of the five campaigns (mentioned above) and the also the campaign of Neirot Shabbos Kodesh, Kashrut and Taharat Mishpacha 13 216
Explanation of Rambam (end of Hilchot Shmittah vYovel) 13 217
Encouragement of women in conjunction with Yud-Beis Tammuz and the Avodah in the Summer 13 218
Not participating in the Farbrengen in honor of Yud-Beis Tammuz- needs to cause a thirst and desire etc. 13 219
Necessity of participating in Farbrengens 13 220
The danger of methods ( analogous to medicines) utilized to draw close spiritually “ill” people of having an effect also on the “doctors” (educators etc.) through the use of “medicines”(methods) that while helpful to sick people are harmful to healthy people (and are helpful only to” ill people”) 13 221
The special quality (segulah) of the time of Yud-Beis Tammuz 13 222
The redemption of Yud-Beis Tammuz – for all Yisroel equally because its source is with self-sacrifice 13 223
A time for making resolutions 13 224
Encouragement in spreading Judaism through self-sacrifice 13 225
Avodah of the students of the Yeshivot through self-sacrifice 13 226
Encouragement in spreading Torah 13 227
When an Olive is crushed it brings forth oil – the days of incarceration versus the days of the Nesiut (Leadership) 13 228
A special time 13 229
A special time since it is forty years from the Redemption 13 230
The publication of Kuntras Mamarim (discourses) in honor of the fortieth year 13 231
Special encouragement regarding Chinuch 13 232
Encouragement regarding Chinuch for girls 13 233
Sending three pamphlets that correspond to the three paths (Kavim) Torah , Avodah (connection) and Gemilat Chasadim 13 234
Self-sacrifice for Chinuch 13 235
Special encouragement for the students of the Yeshivot 13 236
Telegram in honor of the fiftieth year of Redemption 13 237
Telegram for the opening of camp “Gan Yisroel” 13 238
Learning the Maamer s.v. "Asarah SheYoshvim" on the Fiftieth anniversary of the redemption 18 470
Reciting Tehillim 18 471
The eightieth year of the birthday of the Rebbe Rayatz 18 472
The innovation of the Geulah of Yud Beit Tammuz 18 473
The thirtieth year of the Geulah 18 474
The thirty-second year of the Geulah 18 475
The Avodah of establishing centers of learning by the Rebbe Rayatz after his Histalkus 18 476
The farbrengen on the fifteenth year after founding Kfar Chabad 18 477
Encouragement to Beis Rivka 18 478
10. The lesson from the self-sacrifice of the Rebbe Rayatz, specifically at the hundredth year of his birth 18 479
Saying the chapter of Tehillim of the Rebbe Rayatz after his Histalkus 18 480
His "miracles' at the end of his life 18 481
Explanation of the words in Maamer s.v. "Isah b'midrash Tehillim": "And the L-rd awoke as one asleep" why does it state "G-d (Havaye) as one asleep" 18 482
Telegrams for the approach of Yud Beit Tammuz, 5738, 5739 and 5740 18 482


Explanation of the Midrash (Bamidbar Rabba 19:4) “on each thing . . Moshe’s face darkened”. Dealing with a person who is cut off, G-d forbid, from his roots etc./ 8 327
Increasing physical health by adding in spiritual health 8 328
The lesson from the verse: "And Moshe sent messengers from Kadesh etc." in conjunction with the graduation of Tomchei Tmimim Montreal 18 468
Explanation of what is written in Likkutei Torah regarding placing the scarlet thread (in the fire) 28 336
Debate in the words of the Sifri why the section of sending out those who are defiled, from the camp (פ' טמאים) is required 28 337
Virtue of financial assistance to print Tanya- the connection to what is written in Likkutei Torah regarding worm and scarlet thread of the Red Heifer (Note: offering letters) 33 282
“Chukah”/statute from the word Chakikah/engraving. For words of Torah must be engraved within a person 38 202
Debate in what is written in the Siddur, Shaar HaSukot that simple stone vessels are Tamei 38 203
Explanation of Rashi (Talmud Pesachim 10a) “it is an uncertainty with regard to entry” (i.e into a place where there is Tuma’ah) 38 204

S"P Chukat-Balak, Yud-Beis Tammuz 5746

Many virtues on Yud-Beis Tammuz of this year 28 268
The connection to the Parsha of the week, and the lesson – establishing and spreading Chabad Houses 28 269


The connection of Balaam's prophecy with the festival of Chag HaGeulah – Yud Beis – Gimmel Tammuz 8 329
The possibility of prophecy among other nations 13 255
Explanation of Rambam (Hilchot Issurei Biah 12:4) : “before ten of Yisroel or more” 13 256
Answer to a sefer on the aspect of ghettos 18 480
Explanation of "I will wait for him (Moshiach) every day to come”. 23 395
Negation of the term the “beginning of his redemption" (אתחלתא דגאולה). 23 396
Calculating the end of Galut 23 397
Explanation of Moreh Nevuchim (2:42) that the story of Bilaam on the path and the words of the donkey were all with the vision of prophecy 28 342
The source of the prohibition of causing unnecessary suffering to animals, (tza'ar baalei chayim) in the Torah 28 343


The merit of the women(the daughters of Tzelofchad) concerning Eretz Yisroel 4 1328
The sin of Peor - turning secondary into primary 4 1329
Only by lot should you apportion the land in each person's Avodah 4 1330
The connection of “Mezuzah” to Pinchas 13 255
View of Rambam in the Urim V’Tumim for a voluntary war 13 256
The lesson from the chapter of the daughters of Tzelofchad 13 257
Kashrus and Family Purity campaign 13 258
The heter (exemption) to allow fasting on Rosh Chodesh, the prohibition of performing work on Rosh Chodesh 13 259
The boy’s first haircut when the birthday is on Rosh Chodesh 13 260
The reason that Er, Onan, Dathan and Aviram are specified in the counting in Parshat Pinchas 18 482
Haircut for a child when the third birthday falls on Rosh Chodesh 23 398
Notes regarding the Water Drawing (ניסוך המים) 23 399
“Pinchas is Eliyahu” (פינחס זה אליהו) or “Eliyahu is Pinchas” (אליהו זה פינחס) 28 344
Correction of mistake in Likkutei Torah end of Parshat Pinchas s.v. Kodesh Yisroel beg. Pg. 80:4 (רפ״ד) 33 297
The difference between lot and inheritance (גורל וירושה) according to Niglah (exoteric) and Nistar (esoteric) parts of Torah 38 224

Yom 5 Pinchas, 17th day of Tammuz 5739

On a fast day there must be strengthening of Torah and Tzedaka 23 270
The completion of the collection of Yud-Beis Tammuz 23 271
The lesson from the aspect of the Korban Tamid (Chumash portion of this day) 23 272
Rectification of the things that occurred on the 17th day of Tammuz 23 273

Yom 3 Pinchas, 17th day of Tammuz 5740

Strengthening Torah, Avodah and Gemillat Chasadim specifically on the 17th day of Tammuz 23 276
Explanation of the "the Tablets were broken" and the lesson in Avodah 23 277
Ahavat Yisroel - Rectification for the breaking of the Luchos 23 278
Explanation of “they breached the city" and the lesson in Avodah 23 279
The connection to the Rebbe Rayatz (Baal HaGEelah) of Yud-Beis Tammuz 23 280
The special connection of the 17th day of Tammuz to children ("Ollalim v'Yonkim") 23 281

Yom 1 Matot, 17th day of Tammuz 5741

Fasting - a propitious time and from the paths of Teshuvah 23 288
Explanation of the aspect of "the Tablets were broken" 23 289
Explanation of “they breached the city" and connection to the breaking of the Luchos 23 290
The connection to Parshat Matot - the aspect of Vows 23 291
Writing Sifrei Torah for Jewish children and in Jerusalem 23 292
The advantage of writing Sifrei Torah for Jewish children, specifically for those behind the Iron Curtain 23 293

Yom 3 Pinchas, 17th day of Tammuz 5743

A fast day - revelation of the Supernal will 23 301
On the 17th day of Tammuz - they "breached the city" and the lesson - Strengthening the walls of Jerusalem (Completeness in Fear (Yirah), "make a fence for the Torah" 23 302
The destruction of the Temple and of Jerusalem - because of the sin of baseless hatred and the lack of rebuke - "that they did not rebuke each other" and the connection to this. 23 303
The calendar date of 17th day of Tammuz - on Yom 3 which good ("ki Tov") was doubled, Tov in Heaven and Tov for creation - Ahavat Yisroel in a manner of baseless love. for through this the aspect of Golut is nullified and we will merit the announcement of Geulah - Parshat Pinchas, "Pichas is Eliyahu" and also the distribution of the Land - in today's Chumash 23 304
Increasing Torah and Tzedaka - "Keep the Law (Torah) and perform Tzedaka" 23 305


The war of Midian – revenge and not conquest 13 295
The third Shluchim Conference in the Holy Land. 23 400
Debate if the tribe of Levi joined in the Midianite war 28 345
Debate in the Gilyon HaShas (of R’ Akiva Eiger) to Tractate Nedarim 79a 28 346
Through peace below there is peace Above 33 297


The relationship of Parshat Matos the aspect of “Kashrut” and the aspect of Family Purity ; and also to Parshat Ma’asei 13 296
Comments to Rambam’s Sefer HaMitzvot Neg. 1-2 concerning a Denier (Kofer) 13 297

S"P Ma’asei MVCH and S”P Devarim 5744

Explanation of Rambam Hilchot Issuei Bi’ah (13:5-6) in the law of the offering of converts (A second version of this Sicha was published in Likkutei Sichos vol. 26 Pg. 160ff 28 291

S"P Matot-Ma’asei MVCH Menachem Av 5746

Avodah of the days of the “Bein HaMetzarim” – descent for the purpose of ascent 28 280
The connection to Parshat Matot-Ma’asei and their combination 28 281
Specific directives for these days 28 282


Segulah to have a Siddur in a car etc. 23 403
Not to drive a car in the Holy Land. 23 404
Whether women driving cars depends on the local custom. 23 405

Menachem Av

The name Menachem Av - for everything has its root in Supernal mercy 18 491
Telegram of Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av 5738 18 492

Bein HaMetzarim

Nullifying Sinas Chinom (baseless hatred) and strengthening Torah brings Geulah 4 1334
Explanation "Yehudah was exiled etc" favorably 4 1335
Conquering the world though Torah study, especially in the “Bein HaMetzarim", in which it says “Zion shall be redeemed with justice, and they that return of her, with righteousness " (women with Torah study and Tzedaka) 8 353
A double consolation (Nechama Bechaflayim) – where one sees the good of the afflictions; "This is also for the good" (Gam Zu L’Tovah)/ Double – in an inordinate measure/ 8 354
Double consolation through the preparation and preface of spreading the Wellsprings of Chassidut/ 8 355
Because of our sins we have been exiled from our land etc. (debate in the wording of Rambam, Hilchot Melachim Chapter 11 “HaMelech HaMoshiach”(King Messiah etc.): Siyum of Tractate Beitza and the beginning of Tractate Sukkah, according to the Chassidut/ 8 356
By hoping for Moshiach we hasten his coming/ 8 357
The dedication of a synagogue on Shabbat Nachamu / 8 358
Explanation of the details of Rambam’s words in the end Hilchot Melachim Chapter 11, “A king shall arise from the house of David etc.” / 8 359
A special lesson from the month "Menachem Av" for the youth 8 360
Special encouragement to educators and parents concerning the Chinuch of children - “to destroy the enemies, and those who seek revenge” - 5733 13 267
As above to the children 13 268
Special connection between the aspects of the Bein Hametzarim to Jewish children 13 269
Encouragement in increasing Torah and Tzedaka – “Zion will be redeemed through justice and her returnees through righteousness”, specifically in the Shmittah year, with oneself and with others 13 270
Publication of pamphlets of Torah innovations (Chiddushei Torah) 13 271
Encouragement of the five campaigns which are a “refuge” 13 272
The reason for Galut is only “because we sinned” and the nullification of the cause will bring the nullification of the effect 13 273
Increasing in Torah and Tzedaka during the Nine Days 13 274
Our custom for the Haftorah of Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av 13 275
Prefacing the cure to the ill - making resolutions before the Bein HaMetzarim to increase in Torah and Tzedaka 13 276
Nullifying the troubles of the nations to Yisroel through Torah and Mitzvot 13 277
Bein HaMetzarim – not a punishment but a rectification 13 278
The rectification - “pour out your wrath on the wood (Temple) etc.” 13 279
The connection of the revelation of Torah to the Bein HaMetzarim 13 280
A time to awaken Ahavat Yisroel 13 281
Menachem Av – a consolation for our Father in heaven 13 282
A neglect of doing a good deed must cause an increase (in that deed) 13 283
Through cherishing Torah and Ahavat Yisroel we nullify the cause of the destruction of the two Temples 13 284
Encouragement in the Mivtzaim, specifically in Eretz Yisroel 13 285
Increasing in learning Torah(and specifically the laws of the Temple) and Tzedaka 18 486
Decreasing the destruction through building 18 487
Spreading the wellsprings of Chassidut outward brings about an overturning of these days to simcha 18 488
The rectification to the cause of the Churban - Ahavat Yisroel and love of Torah 18 489
Concerning the situation in Eretz Yisroel 18 490
Pain etc. from the decree of "who is a Jew" (Mihu Yehudi) and especially in the Bein HaMetzarim 23 405
Study of the aspects of Beit HaBechirah, which is pertinent; virtue of ?? practical laws and customs 33 298
Haircutting of a three-year old – to be deferred until after the Bein HaMetzarim 33 299
R’ Yochanan ben Zakkai in the statements of the Sages 33 300
The purpose of the Bein HaMetzarim is to rectify the causes that brought the Churban. Through turning from evil and doing good 38 219
The law of those who say that the Torah is not entirely from G-d, and the fencing of the breaches among the Jewish People. 38 220
Increasing in Chinuch of children during the Bein HaMetzarim 38 221
Days of Segulah for the aspects of Gemach and Tzedaka 38 222
Baseless love instead of baseless hate 38 223
Maamer of the Tzemach Tzedek from the Bein HaMetzarim for personal growth; King – who are the kings – the Rabbis. Our leaders and their aspects etc. breaking through boundaries 38 224
Through transforming the microcosm of man to an environment of light and happiness, one merits that these days are transformed to joy and happiness 38 225
Sicha of Chof-Hei Tammuz 5750 38 226
In the two Parshiot, it emphasizes the entry into the Land of Israel with the true and complete Geulah. The lesson that each person should prepare himself to enter Eretz Yisroel , through redeeming himself from the aspects of the world, like the essence of the ruling of Rambam (End of Hilchot Shmittah v’Yovel) 38 227

Days of summer

Emissaries of Merkos L’Inyanei Chinuch in the days of summer ("vacation days” – are only in mundane matters) / 8 364
Conquering the world though Torah study in the Avodah of the aforementioned Shluchim / 8 365
the days of summer and vacation - a time to increase in Torah and Mitzvot/ 8 366
Order of conduct for Yeshiva students during the summer / 8 367
Utilizing the time of healing the body to heal the soul / 8 368
Setting times for Torah study in the country/ 8 369
Vacation days of Freedom – not to pause, G-d forbid, from Torah 8 370
“Vacation days” (yemei chofesh ) - freedom from the schemes of the Yetzer Hara 13 493
The necessity of continuing one’s studies during the summer 13 494
The necessity of going on Merkos Shlichus 13 495
The way to approach the communities when going on Merkos Shlichus 13 496
Summer camp to strengthen health of the body - together with strengthening the Soul 18 493
Telegrams and letters to camp "Gan Yisroel" 18 494
Completion of the first term of Beis Chana in Jerusalem 18 495
Utilizing "vacation" to increase in true freedom - Torah Study 18 496
Merkos Shlichus (5711) 18 497
The purpose of vacation is increasing the health of the soul 23 406
As above. Especially in the year of Hakhel and the preparation for Elul 23 407
A fitting time to imbue in children the aspects of Torah and Mitzvot 23 408
Not to leave schoolchildren free in the summer days 23 409
Special classes for the summer time 23 410
Virtue of Camp Gan Yisroel 23 411
Telegrams to Gan Yisroel 5744, 5746 28 347
Letter to Gan Yisroel 5748(Hakhel) , 5749 ( the fortieth year) 33 300
In the summer the sun is strong, physically and spiritually 38 229
Encouragement to Nshei u’Banot Chabad to their Avodah in the days of summer. In a manner of Avodat Hashem with the body and through happiness 38 230
Telegrams to Camp Gan Yisroel 5718, 5726, 5750, 5751 38 231
Spreading Torah and strengthening of Judaism 23 232
Note: Due to the material of the public letters, in general , (and the private letters, in particular), it is understood that the division of categories and also the table of contents are just in a general manner in order to benefit the readers. Many of the letters also deal with issues in other sections. 23 233


Merkos l’inyanei chinuch and Machane Israel 23 416
Classes in Religious Studies. 23 417
Beis Rivka. 23 418
Encouragement In the activities of the Machane Yisroel. 23 419
Institutes for Jewish girls, in general. 23 420
Yeshiva, Mesibot Shabbos, Beis Rivka. 23 421
Merkos and Machane Israel: Mishnayot society, printing books. 23 422
Machane Israel 23 423
Merkos l’inyanei Chinuch; Merkos 23 424
Merkos and Machane Israel 23 425
Printing Sichot of the Rebbe Rayatz 23 426
Merit of participating in the printing of Kehot sefarim 23 427
Agudat Chabad in the Holy Land, Neshei Chabad, Tzeirei Chabad 23 428
Caution from complacency in matters of Avodah. 23 429
Work in the area of Yeshivot 23 430
Specific rulings depend on the conditions of the place 23 431
How to receive monetary aid 23 432
Virtue of printing a newsletter ( 23 433
Tzeirei Agudat Chabad (Tzach) 23 434
Virtue of broadcasting on the radio 23 435
Working with Anash 23 436
Manner of arranging work of Tzach 23 437
To print the words of the Rebbeim only through Kehot. 23 438
The work of Tzach according to plan and order 23 439
Manner of the work of Tzach - offensive warfare (מלחמת תנופה) 23 440
Founding Tzach in Montreal. 23 441
Ten years since the establishment of the Central Tzach. Uniqueness of our time 23 442
Method of decisions in Tzach gatherings 23 443
Neshei Chabad of Cleveland. 23 444
Neshei Chabad in the Holy Land 23 445
Machon Chana 23 446
Chabad House 23 447
Peyilim - Torah camp activists (פעילי המחנה התורתי) 23 448

Obligation and the needs of the times

The astonishment if there is a permit to adopt Kolel as a rule for many, at a time when people are needed for outreach. 23 444
Manner in which yeshiva students engage in outreach 23 445
Between benefit of the individual and to the public – the "Halacha" is for the public. 23 446
The purpose of travelling to a particular country – outreach, and particularly In the Bicentennial year of the Baal Shem Tov's passing. 23 447
Organization of a Torah study group 23 448
The purpose of the coming of a person to a certain place, the story of R’ Yosef of Beshsenkovitz who became a wagon driver. 23 449
Certainly, it is worth the trouble to set times for Torah lessons, because the soul descends for seventy or eighty years to do a favor for a Jew. 23 450
Negation of the expression that the state of Judaism in a certain place is “like a desert” 23 451
Jealousy in holy matters must be to increase wisdom 23 452
A person or “Mashpia” or “Mushpah” (influenced) 23 453
Rambam's words that a person is influenced by his surroundings are at the beginning of the Avodah. However when a person becomes a Mashpia he must enliven others. 23 454
A person's place of residence depends on the benefit that he brings to his surroundings. 23 455
One should not postpone outreach work even for a moment! 23 456
The necessity of the hour, for many are "thirsty" even though they do not know what they thirst for. 23 457
Even though peace is great, one should not withhold outreach because of this. 23 458
Not to make Avodah dependent on the realization of all parties being together and united beforehand. 23 459

Effort and devotion

One must conduct “outreach” like a businessperson 23 453
www.hebrewbooks.org="">Excuses” for the lack of outreach does not solve anything 23 454
Outreach must be like an owner and not like a clerk or employee. 23 455
The necessity to utilize opportunities 23 456
One good deed is better than a thousand sighs 23 457
One should not wait for encouragement 23 458
The main thing is the outcome and the manner of actions does not change this 23 459
Need to utilize opportunities. 23 460
Every day that passes – is a loss that cannot be returned 23 461
Necessity of Anash engaging in public service 23 462
The deed is primary 23 463
The unique role of our generation. 23 464
Necessity for influencing others. And this is the reason for his coming to his place, even when others support him physically, and on the contrary. 23 465
A person’s talents are not created for naught, G-d forbid 23 466
The past belongs to reward and punishment – and teshuva; The main thing – the present and future. 23 467
Weakness" is not an excuse but rather a cause for redoubled strength. 23 468
Necessity for increasing activities 23 469
Awakening according to letter of the Rebbe Rayatz 23 470
The need to advance in holiness with an evening yeshiva 23 471
Utilizing one’s talents 23 472
Necessity for activities especially in the Holy Land 23 473
Public service - a suitable preparation for marriage. 23 474
Dealing with another and dedication to the family – are both fitting 23 475
Divine Providence that because of the situation, one cannot return home. 23 476
Shluchim visit to the Holy Land (in the year 5716); plowing and sowing- and there must be a continuation 23 477
Virtue of activities in a manner that there will be students of his student. 23 478
Geshmakke (enjoyable) activities after breaking out the main Shlichus 23 479
Negation of changing one’s place 23 480
Negation of the supposition to resign from the faculty of the yeshiva 23 481
Things that cause depression are the work of the Yetzer 23 482
Even those who find it difficult to join in activities with others in an orderly fashion - must utilize his talents: Success pours ("gist") from Above in all his Chabad activities 23 483
Negation of the supposition to leave a place where one sees success, because of financial problems. 23 484
Those who are accustomed to have Mesirat Nefesh in that country, will certainly not be affected by difficulties etc. 23 485
Perfection is only for Above. One must look at the positive side of everything 23 486
One should not be affected by difficulties 23 487
“Tests” (nisyonot) are from the word “banner” (neis) and uplifting 23 488
Negation of "we were like grasshopper in our eyes” 23 489
Any question (קושיא) is from the “Sitra etc.” 23 490
Not to be affected from the absence of assistance. 23 491
It is an axiom that any positive effort will not be rewarded empty handed 23 492
Sometimes the result of an activity is not recognized. However it certainly influences 23 493
Not to be affected from the mistakes of the past. 23 494

Manners and ways of Hishtadlut (השתדלות/public effort) 482

Virtue of study on the radio. 23 483
Virtue of radio broadcasting, especially in the Holy Land 23 484
Publicizing via bulletins 23 485
Disseminating printed material 23 486
The writing style in printed material must be light and simple. 23 487
A Sicha that is publicized in a pamphlet – without editing and inaccurate. 23 488
Virtue of printing a booklet concerning the Neshei Chabad convention. 23 489
Virtue of the magazine of the Beit Chabad in Brazil. 23 490
To give written material to someone about the essence of Chabad Chassidut 23 491
Tahaucha 23 492
Advantage of a synagogue over a minyan in one’s home because of Hafatza 23 493
Virtue of solutions to strengthen Judaism versus Torah lessons 23 494
Better to spread activities in many places versus many in one place 23 495
Virtue of the talent of speech. 23 496
Prefacing youth to adults. 23 497
Virtue of summer camps, etc. The touchstone of everything is the result. 23 498
Utilizing and creating opportunities to strengthen Judaism. 23 499
Learning with those who make a condition that they not need to act 23 500
Negation of learning with someone who does not cover his head, and especially if it is not under duress. 23 501
Studying pertinent Halachot 23 502
After a meeting, one should strengthen the connection through writing. 23 503
Special caution when traveling to certain places etc. 23 504
Any gathering that has the potential to strengthen Judaism is worth participating in 23 505
Establishment of the “Oholei Yosef Yitzhak" institution in Africa. 23 506
Engaging with Moroccan immigrants in the Holy Land 23 507
Kosher education for the children of Yemen. 23 508
A teacher must utilize the possibility to spread Judaism. 23 509
A new organization in the area of economy - should be utilized for Jewish affairs. 23 510
During Purim, all were in agreement - "Who is a Jew" 23 511
A business owner can have more influence than a scholar 23 512
Even those that are engaged in economy, must study Torah 23 513
A music teacher must utilize this for strengthening Judaism. 23 514
Request to draw close an individual 23 515
Activities in the Military. 23 516
Every Individual is a "many”. 23 517
“I will drive them out little by little” 23 518
Benefit of organized programs. 23 519
Necessity for activities in a pleasant manner 23 520
In the G-dliness of all creation, there are two opposites – separation and closeness, and one may learn from this how to engage in Avodah with others. 23 521

Spreading the wellsprings of Chassidut (Hafatzas Mayanot Chutzah)

A Mitzvah that cannot be done by others 23 508
“My own vineyard I did not keep". Necessity of Anash in Hafatza (my own vineyard) 23 509
Learning a kal v’chomer from the successes in other areas of spreading Torah 23 510
Printing outreach material (Mayanot) in the language of the country 23 511
The descent of the soul from the purpose of Hafatza; Chassidut for all of Yisroel. 23 512
Yeshivat Tomchei Tmimim for everyone. 23 513
Utilizing opportunities to do Hafatza. 23 514
Learning from the activities of others in spreading Torah 23 515
The true purpose of each and every one of Yisroel 23 516
Nullification of all worries regarding studying Chassidut with another 23 517
One who merited, by the grace of G-d, to know Chassidut must spread it 23 518
How long will you split the people into the “public” (״עמא דבר) and “Anash” 23 519
The saying of R’ Hillel of Paritch that everything is so one may understand Chassidut 23 520
There is no debate or battle, just the spreading of light. 23 521
Manner of influencing others – all that is simplified helps 23 522
Even a business owner must help in Hafatza 23 523
In the military, the matter is most urgent 23 524
Studying Chassidut and discussing it in the surroundings (ארום) during Yarchei Kallah 23 525
Necessity of the hour to study Chassidut and especially for those related to the Rebbeim 23 526
Necessity of Hafatza to our Sephardic brothers 23 527
Choosing a position that has a connection with Chabad matters 23 528
Not to be affected by hardship 23 529
Virtue of many Chabad synagogues in a city 23 530
There is no benefit to travel to the Rebbe (when one has the task of influencing many) 23 531
Every moment is precious. 23 532
One must repeat Mamarim of Chassidut exactly without skipping 23 533
One who repeats Chassidut should not stop in the middle. 23 534
Learning Chassidut in a synagogue. 23 535
The selection of those who will repeat Chassidut must be of their own volition 23 536
Chassidic customs are relevant to all Yisroel. 23 537


Even though the Avodah is connected with physical bother – according to the pain is the gain (לפום צערא אגרא) 23 525
The work of Tzach is not an obligation but a merit and a conduit for all blessings. 23 526
This Mitzvah (Hadracha) is the "gate" of all the commandments 23 527
When one requests a blessing, he should mention his activities 23 528
The trouble of printing books of the Mamarim of the Alter Rebbe 23 529
Success in personal matters and the manner of Avodah are dependent upon each other 23 530
Activities do not exempt one’s Avodah with himself 23 531
Activities are a conduit for blessing 23 532
Hafatza - the inner purpose of Anash and accordingly the addition of blessings 23 533
Activities in a certain place are a conduit for blessing and therefore one should not change his place of residence 23 534
Making one’s mind and heart a thousand-fold purer 23 535
Aharon tied an iron rope around his waist (in order to teach Yidden) 23 536
Exactly a thousand-fold. 23 537
Not to rack one’s brain (גריבלען). We are day workers and the Avodah with another will also have an effect on himself 23 538
Difficulties in Hafatza – “test” comes from the word “banner” and uplifting, a thousand-fold more 23 539
To answer the claim of the Yetzer that this has no purpose, G-d created Torah, spice 23 540
The Holy One, blessed be He, does not remain a debtor. 23 541
Through utilizing one’s talents, they increase 23 542
The reward of a Mitzvah is the Mitzvah. 23 543
Torah for those who help. 23 544


After a young man’s wedding, he must be close to a place of Torah 23 541
After a wedding, a person should study Torah for at least one year 23 542
There is no room for training in English for the purpose of Hafatza 23 543
Manner of influence on young men that they should go on "Shlichus”. 23 544
Utilizing a letter for the purpose of collecting charity 23 545
Individual directives are dependent on the public servants in that place 23 546
Virtue of writing Chassidut (Dach) 23 547
Virtue of writing Chassidut from one place to another for the purpose of strengthening etc. 23 548
Necessity of peace between those who deal with the community 23 549
“An onion should become of you but teach others what you must teach them” 23 550
The main purpose of speaking in public - is having influence on them. 23 551
Despite the state of ”mourning” one must deal with the community out of joy 23 552

General Subjects

Responsa regarding the Three Impure Klipot and their allusion in the verse “a tempest was coming” ( the Haftorah of Chag HaShavuot); Precise wording of the Alter Rebbe in Tanya end of Chap. 86; Explanation of the difference between the three Klipot 38 161
The virtue of the Tehillim groups 38 162
The difference between the Bnei Yisroel and Bnei Noach regarding the law of invalid blemishes (פסול מום) 38 163
Necessity of prefacing “We will do”, to “we will hear” in the aspects of Torah and its Mitzvot 38 164
Bnei Yisroel are one standing (קומה אחת) and the nature of the Jewish people and the manner of its existence and fate 38 165
All of Israel are believers, the descendants of believers. Only at times, their inclination prevails 38 166
All Yisroel want to uphold the Torah, no one will be rejected (בל ידח ממנו נדח) 38 167
It is impossible to change the root of Yisroel, who are the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob 38 168
Inner peace comes only when the conduct is suited to the inner nature. The necessity for orderly and stable living. 38 169
In our era of many changes, peace of mind of children is paramount; One must begin education at the highest level. 38 170
It is against Torah to say that someone has control over one’s soul. G-d only asks what is in one’s power. 38 171
Negation of the justification for one’s condition in Judaism because someone else is also behaving improperly; Advice to one who has fallen under the influence of the Yetzer to return to good 38 172
One should actually help others actually and not complain that others are not helping him 38 173
The mission to make an abode for G-d in the lower realms and not to shake worlds 38 174
Idolatry – one which is foreign to him; The need to put all of one’s effort into the mission that has been placed upon him. 38 175
Man was born to toil and it is impossible to break free of it. 38 176
Negation of the aspect of compromise and clouded judgment, especially in recent years 38 177
The need to completely negate any assistance to those who wish to “renew” the Halacha and adapt it to its present day. 38 178
The rulings of Shulchan Aruch do not concern majority votes. 38 179
The separation of boys and girls is not subject to compromise. The connection to the directives from the days of Chanukah 38 180
The necessity to act vigorously on the question of separation 38 181
A new music program in the spirit of Judaism 38 182
Why specifically those who fear G-d are martyred for G-d (נהרגו על קדוש השם) 38 183
It is impossible for a created being to understand G-d's ways. Certainly and how much more so is this understood from a child that does not understand the conduct of an elder and wise person 38 184
Debate in the words of the Mitteler Rebbe (in Shaarei Teshuvah) that from the time of the Arizal assimilation was nullified (בטלו ההשמדות) –how this fits with the assimilation of the last generation 38 185
Knowledge and free-choice and the debate regarding Divine Providence 38 186
The view of Torah regarding the four elements and its correlation to what is explained in science 38 187
The connection of the Avodah of purifying the air (דטהרת האויר) specifically to businesspersons. This is a preparation for Geulah. 38 188

Divine Providence

The viewpoint of the Baal Shem Tov; The viewpoint of the Sages preceding the Baal Shem Tov; If there exists before the Baal Shem Tov anyone who holds that Divine Providence extends to the mineral, vegetative and animal. If Creation every moment proves Divine Providence 8 278
Two categories of Divine Providence – revealed and hidden Divine Providence. 8 279
Telegrams to Gan Yisroel 23 280
Even Tzedaka which is not for its own sake, accomplishes its effect 23 281


The difference between "Ein Od" (There is no other (G-d)) to "Ein Od Milvado" (There is no other (G-d) besides Him) 4 1335


Carefulness 9Zerizus) in Mitzvot that one pushes aside. 4 1336
Joiing of that which is cited that "ukesharem" ( and you shall tie) precedes "vLimadetem" (and you shall learn) that the second Parsha (of Shema) depicts the World to Come for then action will be greater (than study) with the syaing of the Sages that in the second Parsha one does not do the will of G-d 4 1337

Tu b'Av

Siyum tractate Taanit and Explanation of the debate between Talmud Bavli and Yerishalmi from whom does one borrow the clothing 4 1337
Explanation of Tu b'Av 4 1338


Explanation of the verse: “behold, I am giving before you today etc” - free choice 4 1340


Explanation of the parable of the king in the field 4 1343
In the talks of the Rebbe Rayatz, it is brought that one increases learning from Shabbat Nachamu and the difference in the atmosphere of Ellul in one statement 4 1344
The level of Tal (dew) of Torah and the Thirteen attributes of Mercy 4 1345
The aspect of the Ark and the reason that Rambam does not enumerate the making of the Ark 4 1346
Ish l'Raeihu u'matanot l'evyoumim (man to his neighbor and gifts to the poor (Megillat Esther) - an acronym for Elul 4 1347
Four opinions in the enumeration of the Thirteen attributes of Mercy 4 1348

Chai Elul

Connection of the happenings on this day with its context 4 1351
The vitality of Elul through learning Torah 4 1352
The aspect of bringing votality into Elul 4 1353
The Baal Shem Tov and the Alter Rebbe – From above to below and from below to above 4 1354

Chof-hei Elul

Its aspect and Avodah 4 1354
Placing the cornerstone for the Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim 4 1355

Rosh Hashanah

General lesson 4 1355

Aseret Yemei Teshuva

The aspect of the higher level of Teshuvah (Teshuvah Ilaah() 4 1359
They asked Wisdom, Prophecy, Torah, to G-d 4 1360

Shabbat Teshuvah

The higher level of Teshuvah (Teshuvah Ilaah) from happiness 4 1360

Yom Kippurim

Wording of the Alter Rebbe on his Shulchan Aruch (O.C. 614:3): “Gushi Haaretz” or ‘Kushi Haaretz like Rambam 4 1361
The saying of “You shall take fine flour (solet)” on Yom Kippur that occurs on Shabbat 4 1362

Yud-gimmel Tishrei

The Rebbe Mahrash in his youth who subdued the Tzemach Tzedek in the greatness of receiving Yechidus 4 1362


Explanation of the ruling of the Alter Rebbe (Shulchan Aruch O.C. 639:13): :”After an hour or two” and the difference between Sukkah, Tefilin, Tzitzis etc 4 1364

Simchat Beis HaSho'eva

The advantage of the Pirchei Kehuna (young kohanim) 4 1366

Hoshana Rabbah

The aspect of beating the Aravah 4 1368
The reason for removing the rings on the Lulav on Hoshana Rabbah before Hallel 4 1369


The necessity of learning Chassidut in brief 4 1370
The actions of “returning to one’s roots” 4 1371


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