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Sefer HaSichot - Page 347  



  "ויחי יתן על לבי"it’s understood that any special or yearly occurrences such as birthdays or anniversaries, one must understand the deeper meaning. This is also referring to leaders’ annual occurrences in their lives, which brings about an additional spark to the Yidden. We must look deeper and see the greatness of this day of ב' ניםן.

ב' ניםןis the day the Rashab passed away and the new leadership of the Friediker Rebbe. This is an enormous day in his life. In the year of תשמ"ח have great revelation of this date.

Regarding a Nasi it states “he is the heart of the whole Yisroel.” The heart is known to give sustenance to the body. The word "מלק" stands for מוח לב קבד- mind, heart, and kidneys. These are considered the 3 great leaders of the body.

Ø MIND- head of the body. Soul of the rational mind is located in the mind. The mind guides all the limbs and shows the direction for their jobs. The mind is the ruler of limbs of the body.
Ø HEART- life of the body itself. "בדם בנפש"  - soul in the heart. The heart goes all around and enters the actual limbs, it then returns to the heart. The life source originates from the heart, unlike the mind which just directs the limbs.

Ø LIVER- contains all the blood.
   What does it mean the life source is the heart? Life is movement, which only occurs in the heart. The heart is in a constant state of reduction and expansion. The blood within the heart is constantly beating. Although the thoughts of the mind are constant, the movement is not.
   Thus, the heart represents a life source. Which is equivalent to a Nasi of the generation- מלק provides life to the Jewish nation. A Nasi is not only a sense of guidance but actual resource of life. We must put a greater emphasis on this day, when life returns to the hearts. Every year this resource of life accumulates “until the person will give you life.”

   The Nasius of the Friediker Rebbe was 68 years. 68 is גמטי' life-חיים. We also can learn from a רמז of חיים, which can be split up into 4 eras.
י- 10 years in America
י- 10 years in Russia
מ+ ח-48 in America continuing after the F”R passed away (36 years since passed away and 10 years alive.)
When we conduct our live according to His teaching we continue his life.
In addition the Rebbe adds that 48 also equivalent to:
1.      חיל- soldier
2.      כדכד- (24x2) which means rubies, some sort of precious stones.
This idea is explained more in depth in chassidus by other Rabbaim.
Moreover, the Rebbe explains the relationship between a leader and his people. There are 2 complex elements to becoming a great leader.
1.      King must contain an element of coldness- aloofness towards his people. To the eyes of his nation he is higher than them מל' עממות.  Beauty of the aristocrats –king must uphold fear and greatness in his nation.
On the other hand-
2.       מל' עממות.- Lowly-dimmed. A king must be close and warm to his nation. As explained, like a heart- have a constant circulation within the body-limbs. The movement is continuous, all the limbs recognize its life source, the heart.
 We see the friction between these two concepts. The fine line-balance must be found within kings’ ruler ship to lead his nation. Furthermore, the connection linking the king and his nation is not just their life source, their bread and butter. But the entity of their relationship should be hinged to one another, "אין מלק בלי עם". Even though, the people represent עממות- low and extinguished from the aristocracy. They specifically enable a jewel- a king to be created because of their coarseness. The people give life to the king, regarding the 68 years of ruler ship of the F”R. The constant compounding of life that accumulates every year.
 When the people pronounce, "יחי המלק" they give life to the king. After the completion of our leaders’ ruler ship, we must increase our campaign of people saying "יחי המלק".to the extent of the dust raiing in His grave. This is why we scream in icvos dmishishka- sream ad masi through this it will increase the bringing of the gueala, Moshiach come immidialty in our dys –amen. Not just waiting but through demanding for Geula tillwe see physically can point this is Moshiach. A man will rise from the kingdom of Dovid. Screaming causes the coming of gueala faster.



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