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(5750) "The guardians must make, on behalf of the orphans ... All mitzvot that have a fixed measure ...as part of their education. We do not, however, levy charitable assessments against their property, even for the sake of the redemption of captives. The rationale is that such mitzvot have no limit to them."  (Rambam Hil. Nechalot 11:10).

The difference between an orphan to a person who loses his intellectual faculties (Shoteh) or becomes a deaf-mute (Cheireish) where the court levies charitable assessments (ibid 11)

Explanation of Rambam's wording and the end of Hilchot Nechalot (ibid 12 and Sefer Mishpatim) that a guardian "must keep a personal account, being extremely precise, so as not to incur the wrath of the Father of these orphans, He who rides upon the heavens, as Psalms 68:5-6 states: "Make a path for He who rides upon the heavens... the Father of orphans."




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