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(5750) A black fig of terumah that fell into a pile of one hundred figs, half being white, half being black -

Rabbi Yehoshua says: Black figs neutralize with white [figs], and white
[figs] neutralize with [black] figs [i.e., if a fig of terumah fell into a pile of one
hundred figs, half being white, half being black, since had he wanted to, he would
press all of them together, the two combine and are now considered one unit of
a hundred and therefore neutralize the fig of terumah];

Rabbi Eliezer prohibits [they do not combine to neutralize].

Rabbi Akiva says, If it is known what [i.e., which color] fell, one does not neutralize with the other [since the figs of different color have no uncertainty, they are not part of the equation]; and if it is not known what fell, one does neutralize the
other. (Mishnah Terumot 4:8)

Explanation of their argument and the view in Talmud Yeushalmi that the argument lies in "known and forgotten"

The connection between thought and knowing to Terumah according to Remez (Hint) and in Avodat HaAdam

A person’s thoughts have physical effects. One must be careful to think good about others since thought causes an affect

In the law of bitul of Terumah, one in 101, there exists the concept that one’s knowledge affects the legal status of the object






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